European Social Fund (ESF) list of beneficiaries

The European Commission has laid down that the Managing Authorities have to publish the ESF list of beneficiaries, the names of the operations and the amount of public funding allocated to the operations.

ESF-funded-operation beneficiaries can be: firms or other subjects regarded as firms, training agencies designated by Regione Umbria and citizens.

The ESF list of beneficiaries is available at the bottom of the page. Data are extracted by SIRU - Sistema Informativo della Formazione Professionale of the Region of Umbria, a Professional-Training Data System that connects the Institutions that manage ESF funds in real time. The list is updated twice a year.

The Information that can be found in the list. The tab columns are:

  1. The name of the Beneficiary' if it is an organization* (in alphabetical order).
  2. The amount committed,
  3. Title of the project/course/etc.
  4. Beneficiary's address (if it is an Organization): Address (street, City, zip code, province).
  5. Number of students or persons that received a voucher, a grant, a bursary.
  6. Year in which funding has been received.

*If the beneficiary is a citizen at n. 1 and n.4 no address or name are cited while it is mentioned only to the kind of policy a citizen benefited from, for instance: "Voucher".

A negative amount in the "accounting commitment" column means that the Administration involved deducted such sum from the initially-committed funding for that project/course.


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