Terni Urban Agenda: the city, in the future.


There are so many practical implications for the interventions which will revolutionize Terni, thanks to the ERDF and ESF ROPs 2014-2020 European funding that was attributed to the Umbria Region, for a total of 9.5 million Euro.


Services linked to innovation and mobility will make the city more comfortable, more efficient, and cleaner. Digital technologies, applied in crucial sectors, will improve the city's attractiveness and quality of life.


Online services will be accessible from the comfort of one's own home with a home computer or smartphone. Just a few clicks and one will be able to access registry office certificates, learn about recreational services, and make payments. And these digital services will also benefit businesses.


Energy will be saved and consumption reduced thanks to LED lighting that will be used for such prestigious buildings as Palazzo Spada, which houses the City Hall, and with "smart street lights": just stand beneath one and you can surf the web, recharge an electric vehicle, or get traffic information.

LED lighting will also make the city's cultural attractions shine, such as the Terni city library which dominates Piazza della Repubblica. Palazzo di Primavera and CAOS, the arts and museum center, will become interactive beacons thanks to the latest technology: with augmented reality and wearables, culture will become more "intriguing", democratic and participatory, allowing visitors to fully emerge themselves in art and history. 


CAOS and the Anfiteatro Fausto, which host cultural events, will also benefit from the modern technologies used for entertainment.

The projects were identified thanks to a dual co-planning effort which involved the participation of the Umbria Region on the one hand and the local citizenship with various stakeholders, on the other.


City residents will enjoy improved bike paths thanks to the completion and restoration of existing paths, and will be able to get around the city on different types of transport due to the creation of transport interchanges, which offer a variety of eco-friendly vehicles that reduce particulates and noise pollution.

But Urban Agenda will improve more than just infrastructure. Thanks to a portion of funding coming from the ESF - the only European Fund which is directed to people, which finances initiatives that support work, training, and the social sector - Urban Agenda will also provide services for minors, families and local issues, entertainment and social innovation events which serve to improve the city's network of relationships, and activities which stimulate projects, participation and creativity for children and young people. 

Energy, technology, environment, spirit.

The future has already arrived.

Thank you, Europe.


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