Project: CLAY 

Duration: 2018 – 2023 / phase 1 (36 months) + phase 2 (24 months)

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CLAY boosts SME competitiveness in the ceramic sector through interregional policy learning to support innovation in technologies, processes and products.

Artistic ceramics, as a traditional sector made up largely of small and micro enterprises, has been hit particularly hard by economic crisis, low-cost competition and restricted access to some non-EU markets.
Globalisation has challen ged this sector, which represents a central part of European tradition, but has also provided opportunities. In order to take advantage ofthese opportunities, the ceramics sector must prioritise new technologies, strengthen brands and develop services to maintain competitive advantage. Publicpolicy must support this.
The CLAY is designed to speed up and improve the way we conceive, develop, produce and access new products, industrial processesand services. This is what project  proposes for the artistic ceramic sector, in line with the recent drive towards advanced manufacturing.
CLAY uses interregional exchange to achieve its objectives. All regions in the consortium have both important ceramics traditions and a growing basin of innovative SMEs, seeking market opportunities. They have all identified the challenge of matching these two elements of their regional economy, for the benefit of both. Interregional exchange will help them to identify solutions to the challenge,through improving regional programmes that can support the above described innovation in artistic ceramic SMEs.
The overall objective is to ensure that selected policy instruments are adapted to support an important traditional sector to survive and flourish in today's global environment. This will benefit the artistic ceramic sector and other sectors of the regional economy involved in innovation in industrial processes.
Thanks to improved policy instruments for SMEs competitiveness in 5 European regions, in the mid to long term, CLAY regions will see a greater number of artistic ceramics SMEs surviving and thriving. Greater SMEs competitivenes contribute to the overall aim of socio-economic cohesion and growth.




CLAY project is implemented by 6 partners:


Partner 1: Italy – Regione Umbria / Regional Government of Umbria (Lead Partner)

Partner 2: Spain – AeuCC – Agrupaciòn Europea de Cooperaciòn Territorial Ciudades de la Ceramica, AECT limitada / European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Cities of Ceramic, EGTC with limited liability (Advisory Partner)

Partner 3: Romania – ADRSV – Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Sud Vest Oltenia / Regional Development Agency South West Oltenia

Partner 4: Finland – Etelä-Pohjanmaan liitto / Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia

Partner 5: Portugal – CTCV Centro Tecnológico da Cerâmica e do Vidro / CTCV Technological Centre for Ceramics and Glass

Partner 6: France – Association pour le développement et la promotion du pôle européen de la céramique / Association for the development and promotion of the european ceramic center


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 Questionario per l'analisi dei fabbisogni del settore Ceramico.







Exchange Session on CLAY Action Plans 
(24 febbraio 2021)

Presentazione Action Plans


Progetto Clay - Cross Sector support for Innovative and competitive Artistic Ceramic SMEs - PILOT ACTION INTERREG EUROPE - PGI05491 - Approvazione avviso pubblico per l’accesso ai servizi di innovazione delle MPMI della ceramica umbra.





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